Sunday, 25 February 2018

Fernando Gomez wins another MontGoal Tournament

Fernando wins the trophy
On Saturday there was some action again in Spain as the club of Marina Citerior was holding the 4th MontGoal Tournament. It was a good event with seven players, a total of 25 matches played and the participation of two of the winners of the Spanish Championship by the Spanish Table Soccer Association, Alex Iliev and Stefka Pirova. A league formula was played and then the semi-finals between the first four and the finals. The clear winner was Fernando Gómez, followed by Pedro Benavente and Pasquale Carrassi third. The Hall of Honor is now two victories each for Pasquale and Fernando. The Peter Adolph cup will be assigned to the first  player able to reach a total of five victories.

Final table:
1. Fernando Gomez (Spain)
2. Pedro Benavente (Spain)
3. Pasquale Carrassi (Italy)
4. Alex Iliev (Bulgaria)
5. David Mc Aulay (Scotland)
6. Stefka Pirova (Bulgaria)
7. Lisa Carrassi (Italy)

Promotional event
To be noted Marina Citerior Subbuteo Club also held a small promotional tournament earlier this month with three players. Pasquale Carrassi finished on top of the group while David Mc Aulay was runner-up and Lisa Carrassi took the third place.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Winter cup for Mark McCrossan

Last Monday Derry City TFC was holding a Winter Cup with six players involved. Organizers decided to use a new format with three ties between players, with home and away. An extra point was added for winning a tie between players. A final was then played with top two. Mark McCrossan winner on shots following a scoreless draw.

Martinog Bradley - 21
Mark McCrossan - 19
Craig Stewart - 11
Brendan Rodgers - 5
Lawrence Watson - 4
Patrick McKeever - 0

Martinog Bradley - Mark McCrossan 0-0 (1-3)

Friday, 23 February 2018

A first test match in Florida

A test match was conducted between Dario Passadore and Bryan Arnold, members of the American Subbuteo Association, on February 16th. Dario, of the Florida Sharks Subbuteo Club, showed his great skill and style during each of his three wins on the day. A spirited defense and counter attacking were offered by Bryan, of the NoVA Union Subbuteo Club, but he was never able to present more competitiveness against his opponent, a long time Subbuteo player.

Test Match scores:
Dario 6-1 Bryan
Dario 3-1 Bryan
Dario 3-1 Bryan

Thursday, 22 February 2018

George Ebejer wins in Attard

Attard Subbuteo Club was back in action last Sunday. The Maltese guys had their first tournament of the season with a great turnout of 12. George Ebejer managed to win the tournament. The Bormla player defeated Miguel Zahra in the final. Thomas Ebejer and Stanley Farrugia Randon were the semi-finalists. There will be another tournament in Attard on February 25. Interested players can contact Joseph Debono at
Special thanks to William Attard for the beautiful pictures.

Davide Visani is a winner in Firenze

Last monday the club of Firenze had another great tournament with 17 players involved. It was nice to see players from the Italian club competing in a fair spirit.

Davide Visani defeated Luca Pini in the final and Marco Bonciani and Matteo Cherici managed to reach the semi-finals.

Congratulations to all the players involved.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

TFAS League 2018 Match Day 2

The second TFAS League session for 2018 kicked off with seven players on 11 February. It was to safe to say that all the players for this month’s League session are quite equally matched, with goal galore and several tight matches!
A 4-round Swiss System was played. Results were exciting, and after the third round, five of the players were fighting for top spot! Anas and Rudy were on top with 7 points each, Den was close behind with 6 points. Michael and Bernard were not so far behind with 4 points.
Rudy managed to win his final game against Haikal by a close shave, while Anas failed to do the same, with a 1-1 draw against Nic. Hence Rudy came out tops!
Den was surprisingly outplayed by Bernard, converting his potential 2nd place finish into 5th.

Results are as follows:
Nic 1 v 2 Michael
Haikal 1 v 3 Bernard
Anas 2 v 1 Den
Rudy 1 v 0 Bye
Bernard 2 v 2 Michael
Rudy 0 v 0 Anas
Nic 1 v 2 Den
Haikal 1 v 0 Bye
Haikal 3 v 4 Den
Anas 4 v 2 Bernard
Rudy 2 v 1 Michael
Nic 1 v 0 Bye
Anas 1 v 1 Nic
Bernard 3 v 1 Den
Rudy 1 v 0 Haikal
Michael 1 v 0 Bye

1. Rudy
2. Anas
3. Bernard
4. Michael
5. Den
6. Nic
7. Haikal

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dan Nicholls wins in Knighton

Five players attended the WASPA regional event held in Knighton on Sunday. Dan Nicholls finished on top with 12 points while Danny Bird was runner-up with 9 points. The next event in Wales will be the London Road tournament in Drury next Sunday.

Final standings:
1. Dan Nicholls (Knighton TFC)
2. Danny Bird (London Road SC)
3. Tom Taylor (Knighton TFC)
4. Kenny Evans (Knighton TFC)
5. Nick Stimpson (Knighton TFC)

Monday, 19 February 2018

Jean Grosdent wins in Bande

There was a small WASPA tournament with six players involved last Friday in Bande, Belgium. The players competed in a round robin so that everyone had 5 games. Jean Grosdent finished on top with 13 points while his childrens Henri (12) and Aurore (10) also finished on the podium. Giulio Bonfanti was 4th, finishing ahead of Philippe Thys and Maxim Grosdent. A good evening and a great way to prepare the national interclubs day to be played on the next day.

Sydney TFC tournament - February 2018

On Tuesday 13 february we played our monthly WASPA tournament at our club house in Burwood.
7 Players all up were battling out to claim the tournament.
It was very good seeing Oliver Ollnow and Torben Pfister (Northern Falcons) playing very well not conceding much to players as Daniele Lombardi, Fabrizio Coco, Tony Credentino, Hermann Kruse and Kostas Barbaris. So very well done guys!!!
However, Daniele Lombardi has imposed his signature on this tournament, climing it beating in final Fabrizio Coco 3-1 after an intense final which has seen Daniele leading 2-0. Than, Fabrizio came back a few minutes to the end of the game taking out his "cazzimma" but, trying to equalise Daniele scored the goal that closed definitely the match on 3-1.
Congratulations and very well done to all who made this tournament possible, we'll see you next month for another waspa hosted by Sydney TFC!
Stay tuned for updates guys!

(Report by Fabrizio Coco)

Saturday, 17 February 2018

The 9th Trieste Cup for Sandro Ceppi

Our friend Davorin Korosec reports the 9th edition of the Triste Cup was held this week with a great field of 8 players. Players were dropped into 2 groups of 4. Sandro Ceppi of the neighboring club DLF Gorizia took the honors after defeating Davorin in the final on shots. Orazio Torrisi and Diego Giorio were stopped in the semi-finals. In March the 10th tournament in Trieste will probably be even bigger but the exact date will be confirmed soon.